Netflix's Going To Release Second Quarterly Earnings Report

Netflix’s Going To Release Second Quarterly Earnings Report

The movie streaming industry is getting lots of new players, but Netflix is still ruling it. The movie streaming giant company Netflix is reportedly going to release earnings reports of second-quarter pretty soon. Now investors and the whole wall street is looking forward to this earning report from Netflix. The company so far has managed to grow at a tremendous rate, which shows its potential. In the previous quarter, Netflix broke everyone’s expectations and gave a most exceptional earning report. Now investors are concerned about the upcoming release because in the last three months company has provided some popular shows.

Netflix already said that they are expecting to gain 5 million new customers, which is a quite fascinating number. However, out of which more than 4.7 million users would be from the international market. Netflix is now focusing more on the global market, and that’s why they have dedicated to cut prices in south Asian countries. Even though a large chunk of its revenue comes from the USA, they raised the rates of standard subscription here. Another big problem which Netflix is facing owning TV shows and movies.

There are reports which show that Netflix might be losing its popular shows like Friends and The Office because of an intellectual rights issue. Netflix is dependent upon other productions media rights, and to end it, they are always focusing on making originals. Even though this strategy is not new, but it costs billions of dollars to Netflix for producing movies. However, analysts predicted that Netflix might be going to earn 77 cents per share and report $4.77 billion of revenues. Now, this report has not satisfied investors, and as a result, Netflix’s shares went down by 5% approximately. However, some speculation shows that at the time of the original announcement of the earnings report, Netflix stock might go up.

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