Apple Has Stopped Working On AR/VR HeadSets

Apple Has Stopped Working On AR/VR HeadSets

In the tech industry, there are many big companies which are trying to make sure that they would survive in long terms and that’s why they are investing in new technology field. However, Apple Inc. has reportedly stopped working on making augmented reality and virtual reality headsets. Experts said that Apple had stopped making AR/VR headsets in May when in the same month Avi Baarzive who was head of Apple’s AR/VR headsets quit the company. Apple, in its early stages, has realized how competitive this market is getting, and that’s why they planned to stop putting more money into it. However, one big question which now arises is whether its rival Facebook, Google, Microsoft, will be able to get success in it or not.

Even though there are various reasons behind Apple’s decision of putting a stop on building an AR/VR handset, but the obvious one is they never cared about it. Apple bought various AR/VR making firms and invested in this technology to purchase patents also, but all of it did not make any significant difference. Apple to support its dream of making AR products even launched ARKit, an API which can be used by developers to build advanced AR apps. However, that plan also did not work, and it seems like developers which Apple wanted to attract did not give it that much attention.

A report also showed that Apple was trying to build a stand-alone wireless VR/VR headset, which had an 8k display for each eye. After the announcement of making this new headset, Microsoft launched HoloLens 2 and Facebook’s Oculus Quest, both of which had similar display quality. Now, after getting such type of fierce competition into the tech market, which is targeting every small number of customers, Apple has finally decided to focus on different fields.

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