Amazon Prime Day Sale Crossed Revenue Benchmark Of $7 Billion

Amazon Prime Day Sale Crossed Revenue Benchmark Of $7 Billion

When it comes to Amazon, the company ecommerce company has almost a monopoly over online retailing. To make their presence more visible every year, tech giant company make a sale by giving a massive amount of discount. The prime day sale is famous for buying things at low prices and this year it lasted for two days. However, reports are coming, and it shows how much money tech company has managed to make during this event. The overall amount of sale which Amazon abled to made crossed the limit of more than $7.16 billion.

Prime day sale became a significant attraction for many buyers because it’s that day when people buys things which they always wanted to at a low price. The figures show that there has been an increase of more than 71% of revenue as compared to last year’s prime day. During 2018 prime day sale happened for 36 hours, and Amazon made around $4.19 billion of revenues. An important thing which has observed during this prime day sale was that it brought good response for Walmart and Target also.

These retailing companies also performed better plus earned the right amount of revenue during prime day sale. In the USA black, Friday and cyber Monday are those two-holiday events where people usually buy lots of items. However, this year’s prime day became successful because people bought more than 175 million products. Prime members were one of the top buyers during this whole event, but other members also bought goods. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos in his official statement revealed his happiness behind primes day’s success. However, there were reports that some users might have found some great deals because of clerical errors. Even Amazon later had confirmed it when they had to make changes to those products price lists.


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